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Can I Customize My Monthly Subscription To Include Different Juices On Different Days?

Yes, you can customize your monthly subscription and specify the juices that you want to drink on different days during the month. For customizing your monthly subscription, call us at +91 6359543543.

How Frequently Should I Drink The Juice?

Drinking a bottle (200 ml) of juice once or twice a day would be enough. If you have some serious health issue, or have undergone surgery or if you are a pregnant woman, consult your doctor before taking the juice.

How Much Juice Can I Drink At A Time?

Drinking too much of juice at a time may cause diarrhea. Especially, DEFENSE juice may cause diarrhea if consumed in quantities more than 50 ml (one bottle of DEFENSE shot).

Should I Drink The Juice On An Empty Stomach Or After Meal?

The benefits you get by drinking the juice will be same, whether you take them on an empty stomach, during the meal or after the meal.

How Long Does The Juice Stay Fresh After Opening The Bottle?

It is recommended to consume the juice within 2-3 hours of opening the bottle. Storing the juice in a refrigerator between 0° to 8°C may keep the juice fresh for a bit longer after opening the bottle.

How Can I Know That My Juice Bottle Is Still Fresh And Drinkable?

If you get a fizzing sound while opening the bottle, it is an indication that the juice has got putrefied and is no more drinkable.

Why Does The Juice Separate In To Two Layers On Standing?

The juice contains some amount of insoluble fibres from the pulp of the vegetables and fruits used to make the juice. Fibres are necessary to maintain a healthy digestive system and to improve your cholesterol and sugar levels. This pulp settles down on storage. So, shake the bottle well before drinking the juice.

Is It Safe To Drink The Juice After Its Expiry Date?

No, we do not recommend drinking the juice after its expiry date.

Can You Provide Some Solution For Disposing The Juice Bottles?

If you are our regular costumer, you can return the empty bottles to our delivery man every month. We send the used bottles to plastic industry for recycling. You can reduce plastic waste and contribute towards conservation of environment by returning the used bottle for recycling.

At What Time Do You Deliver The Juice?

We deliver the juice every morning between 7:00 am and 9:00 am. We normally do not deliver at other times of the day, but depending on the size of the order we may agree to deliver at any other time. For delivery at other times of the day, call us at +91 6359543543.

Can I Cancel My Monthly Subscription Order In Between After It Has Started?

Yes, you can cancel your monthly subscription in between the month. You need to inform us about cancellation atleast 3 business days before the date from which you want to cancel the subscription order. The balance amount will be refunded to you. Please, refer our refund policy for further information about cancellation and refund, or call us at +91 6359543543.

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